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Who are you?

■ is the biggest portal for people who love or want to get to know the magic of reading E-Books and listening to Audiobooks.

We are currently offering around 11 TB (terabyte) of reading and listening media in various formats. You can find everything from the most recent bestseller to the 100 year old classic.

Should a title be missing, that you like, you can put onto our wishlist. We guarantee: You can get every title that is currently available.

Every file has no copy protection and is offered in the best possible quality. is ad-free and every download arrives on your computer without any hassle.

All of this is run by some crazy Enthusiasts with love for every thing you can read or listen to.

What do you offer?

■ Audiobooks and Music in the following formats: 
• mp3 
(packed into a RAR Archive for your convenience)
■ e-books, e-papers and e-Comics in the following formats:
• epub
• mobi
• djvu


■  Registering on LuL is completely legal.
Downloading anything however is something of a legal grey area.

What data do we save?

■  We value your anonymity
Because we do not save any real personal information apart from your email address and your username, there is no way to find out if or when you have downloaded anything.

To ensure complete anonymity, our servers operate using the newest technical standards and are spread all over the world.

If you want to create even more anonymity you can use certain anonymizers like the TOR browser.

Entering codes on the internet is always a risk. You can minimize that risk if you always use the newest version of your web-browser and keep your anti-virus software updated.

Our software was created by ourselves and is maintained by a lot of clever people.


How do I register?

■ Please just fill out the registration form:
Registering is completly free with no strings attached. Even without any credit you are able to download thousands of files.

It is not required to enter any personal information but all fields have to be filled out:

• Username: Your personal nick-name with at least 6 characters (A-Z und 0-9)

• email: Please use a valid email address (no "single-use" addresses). Should you forget your password, the only way we can help you is with a valid email address.

• Password: The password has to consist of at least 6 characters
• Password: Repeat your password just to be sure.

• Security question. Should you forget or misplace your password we can help you get a new one with this security question. 

Please do not forget your password. We recommend a password manager to make that a little easier for you. Something like:

How do I download something?

 ■  Downloading is easy!
If you look through all of our categories or lists, simply click the  cover image or the title. This takes you to a page with more details about your chosen title. the price, and in which format we have it in store (epub, mp3).

If you click the green button below the cover image you will be asked if you really want to buy the title and if you confirm the download starts.

Depending on your settings and web-browser you have to select where you want your file to be saved on your device.

The download process only takes a few seconds, but can take a while for big files (Audiobooks). You can watch the progress of your download in your web-browser.

Should your download cancel or break up, you can always resume it and the download continues. Unfortunately not every web-browser is capable of resuming downloads. We recommend a plugin (available for Chrome and Firefox) that ensures that, which is called DownThemAll.

We also recommend that you accept cookies for our website.

As long as you have credit, you can download every title from your Library up to 10 times. You can find your Library by clicking on your username and 'dashboard'.

Find out how to read and listen to our titles further below.

How does the wishlist work?

■ Make a wish!
To use the wishlist, you have a balance of at least 1 USD.

You can add wishes to the list yourself. All you need is the ASIN of a title. You can find these ASIN numbers on and

If your wish does not have an ASIN (older or rare titles, ebooks, comics) please create a support title with detailed information of title and author.

If your wish is already on the list, you can vote for it by clicking the little arrow next to the cover image. As soon as a wish has enough votes we will put it up on

If you have entered your wishes or have voted for them, you will receive a notification as soon as they are available.


Why do I have to pay?

■  You can download thousands of titles for free!
Developing, updating and maintaining and the required disk space for our files (especially audiobooks) and the safety and anonymity measures are expensive and take up a 4 digit sum every month.

Because of that we have to charge a small usage fee for every title you download. With that you are securing the future and the growth of

We do not know "users" or "downloaders". Everybody is a customer for us and we are offering a service. The customer is king (and queen), as they say. You have the power over our supply and our future existance.

How do I deposit?

■  Hundreds of e-books for 1 $!
We offer a lot of files for free and even more files are only a few cents! 

The website and the enormous hard disk space needed as well as the security and anonymity measures cost us a lot of money each month. To cover those costs, we have to charge a usage fee for most of the files.

If you participate in covering these costs the preservation of this website and its supply is secured. You balance is safe. It never expires and we only charge something if you actually buy and download a title.

We offer the following easy and anonymous deposit options:!

■ gift cards is a website where you can purchase gift cards for many stores and online services. They also offer their own gift codes which we accept here on

Please not that we only accept gift codes and NOT gift codes from the retail stores you can also buy on

Go to our deposit site and select an amount you want to deposit from the column. Enter your gift code and your deposit will be processed.

Amazon gift code?!

■  amazon gift codes:
You can deposit by entering an or gift code. (These are the only regions we currently support). You can purchase these at various retail locations or directly through the amazon website.

The deposit may take some time to be credited to your account. You can look up the approximate processing time on our deposit site.

Please note that amazon gift codes can only be redeemed entirely.


■  Cheap, anonymous and secure.
You can find a general guide and an introduction to Bitcoin here:

You can purchase Bitcoins with a lot of payment options via and via credit card at 

As soon as you have Bitcoins you can send them to us completely anonymous.

Open our deposit page and click the Bitcoin button. You can chose the amount you want to deposit yourself (1.14 USD minimum)

You will be presented with a deposit address, to which you have to send your Bitcoin. The deposit will be credited to your account instantly.

We are certain that Bitcoin will be the most important digital payment method and because transfer and managing costs are very low, we want to forward this advantage to you:

There is no deposit fee and you get certain bonuses (more credit).

Technical Support

How do I complain with success?

■  Nobody is perfect!
We really try to deliver the best possible quality of files. But sometimes mistakes happen and a file is broken or damaged.

Unlike other piracy sites, we care about our customers and accept complains. Here is how to complain with success:

If you are signed in, click on your name in the top menu. NOw click "Dashboard". This takes you to your library. Next to every file is a button with a megaphone symbol. Click it and you will be presented with a text field.

Please explain why you are complaining with as much detail as possible:

    We accept (for example):
    • The downloaded file is not the one displayed on the website
    • Missing parts
    • damaged/unreadable file(s)
    • page numbers are in wrong order

    We do not accept.:
    • missing cover image
    • Bitrate is "too low"
    • general faults in quality that are already in the original file
    • existing or missing advertisements in files
    • advertising links in files

If we cannot replace your file with a working one, we are going to refund you the price of the file, which gets added to your balance.

But before you start a complaint, please try to download you file again first. That is completely free (up to 10 times)

And also please go through every technical advice notes on this site. This makes creating a complaint unnecessary 90% of the time.

Technical advice for Audiobooks

■  Audiobooks come as RAR Archives
There are many ways to listing to your audiobook. We serve your title in the mp3 format. Since audiobooks ususally consist of many mp3 files we combine them to a single RAR archive file, which is way easier to download.

To extract these files you need special software which is available for free. There is WinRAR, 7-Zip and many others. For iOS please use iZip.

If you have problems with a RAR file make sure you have the most recent software of your extraction software and download the file again (which is also free). If it still does not work, please create a support ticket with a detailed error description.

Technical advice for e-books

■  e-books come in various formats 
There are many ways to read your ebooks. On your pc, with your ebook reader, on your mobile device and so on

We try do server formats that can be used with any device. If it is not a RAR archive, you can open your file right after your download if you have the correct software on your device.

e-books, e-papers and e-comics come in the following formats:
• epub 
• mobi 
• PDF 
• CBR 
• djvu

Each of these formats has strenghts and weaknesses. If you are not satisfied with a file, because your ebook reader needs a specific format, please use Calibre. It is a very powerful software, which recognizes most reading devices and converts everything to the respective format. Calibre is free and you can download it right here:

More information and links to e-comic readers:

I cannot read my e-book - What to do?

■ You have downloaded an ebook and you are anxious to read it. But here comes disappointment: Weird ymbols, errors or nothing happens. Here is what you do:

  • 1 - Don't panic - You will be able to read your ebook - otherwise you will get a refund - we promise! Some customers get nervous and screw around with software settings and make things even worse. Please continue reading and go through everything step by step and it will most likely work! 
  • 2 - Please do not (yet) create a support ticket just now - we get tickets like 'I can't read my book, please help me immediately'. Because there are many possible reasons for errors it is impossible to answer this. Every Hardware/Software combination has its own source of problems. After you have read through this guide, you are welcome to create a ticket with a detailed description of your error.
  • 3 - Maybe something went wrong while downloading your file -  Even the most stable internet connection might crash and something might get lost, which is enough to destroy a file. To avoid that we recommend using a download manager.
  • 4 - Download your file again WITH your download manager enabled. That is free of course. You can download your file up to 10 times if you have paid for it already.
  • 5 - Compare file sizes! You can find the file size of your title below the cover image. Compare that with the file size of your download. If they have different sizes, please download the file again. This fixes the file most of the time.
  • 6.1 - It still does not work! Sometimes books are still unreadable even after the download works. Now it is important to figure out if the file is broken or if something is wrong with your system. Please make sure that you are using the most recent version of your web browser and try downloading the file again.
  • 6.2 - Firefox opens your file as epub! Now you are going to install a browser addon to read epub files in your browser.  HERE. Download the file again and if you receive an error message please create a support ticket with the exact error message (see step 8)
  • 7 - Important notes for 6.2! After you start your download on your browser might ask you if you want to open or save the file on your computer. Please always select "open".
  • 8 - This file is still not readable! Now it is time to create a support ticket. The file is most likely broken and you cannot do anything at this point. Please go to your library and click the little megaphone next to the title and include as much information as possible about what is wrong. If you just create a standard support ticket, it might take a lot of time until you get an answer.
  • 9 - What do I have to write in my ticket? Please confirm you have read this guide and tried all the steps. In general it is enough to include any error message you are receiving.
    Please also include, which device (computer, tablet, kindle) and which web browser you are using.
  • 10 - What about Audiobooks? Because the structure of an Audiobook is a bit different to ebooks, the rules differ. BUT step 1 to 5 of this guide are the same. If it still does not work, refer to step 8
  • 11 - The book looks fine on my computer, but not on my e-book device (kindle, tolino, Android, Smartphone, Tablet, etc)  Please try using the Calibre software to re-convert your file and send it to your device

Technical advice for Apple devices

In the world of Apple everything is a little bit different but not necessarily more difficult.

■ ebooks

epub is the ebook file format that is the current standard - on any platform. iOS also uses it. Unfortunately neither OS X nor iOS come with a program to open these files. We recommend 'iBooks' to read our books on your device. You can look for it in itunes and your app store.

For everybody with a little technical knowledge we recommend Calibre, which is also available for OS X:

Calibre has a lot more options. It can manage your Library and even convert other file formats to epub and send it to your device.

If you still want something else please google "epub reader for iOS"

You can also download your files to your Mac or PC first and send them to your device via iTunes.

■ Audiobooks
To make things simpler, our Audiobooks are packed in a single RAR Archive file, which you have to extract first. To extract them on your apple device you can use the app called 'iZip'

After extracting the RAR Archive you will receive mp3 files that you can sync with your device like you always do with music.

If you do not want to use iTunes, you can use other free software like VLC for iOS

To edit, split or combine audio files we recommend Audacity for Mac OS X, which you can find here:

Why does the download not work on my smart phone or tablet?

■ Android/iOS sometimes makes things difficult
If you are getting problems downloading files from you might want to try the FireFox browser for you mobile device, which you can get for free in your respective app store

Why do I get a captcha?

■ has to protect itself!

If you get a captcha before your visit, this might be the reason:

• You are using a VPN or a proxy
• Your computer is compromised (virus, trojan, etc)
• You IP is considered dangerous
• You are using TOR, which is also used by hackers for attackts

In any case a captcha makes sure that a human is visiting our site and you are not a robot. Because this is handled by a third party, we cannot change that.

If you are annoyed by it, you might want to try to restart your computer/router, change your IP address or scan for malware.


■  Secure and anonymous emails:

Can I work for you?

■  Yes, but...
If you want to contribute and work for us and offer your e-books and audiobooks, you are most welcome. But we expect a lot of effort. Commitment and excitement for the cause are more important than technical abilities.

If you have enough time and exclusive books, please create a support ticket with a detailed and convincing application.

Applications like "Hi, I am John and I want to work for you - please answer asap" will be ignored!

Can I swap and/or donate?

■ Interesting titles that are not available elsewhere are most welcome!
For every title that you donate, which we do not have already, yo will receive credit towards you balance. You can find more information on how this works in your dashboard under "Donation"

If you want to donate a title that you want us to buy for you, please create a support ticket. We will make you a detailed offer, because we take a part of the costs, of course. If you accept our offer the price that was agreed upon will be deducted from your balance.

What is an ASIN?

■  ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)...
...This is amazon's own product identification number which you can already find in the URL of a product  (z.b.  or in the description

Should amazon not have an ASIN number for your product, please refer to the ISBN-10 number instead.
Since Audible is part of Amazon, it has similar ASIN numbers, but you can only find it in the product URL: